Hi Readers!

I know it’s been awhile since you have heard from me. My apologies for that… after vacation [which was amazing], I just got wrapped up in RL.

I’ve done some pondering and have come to a decision to stop blogging for awhile if not for good. This blog has been a wonderful experience for me but I want to leave on a high, while its still a positive experience.

Before I leave though, here are some good deals from round the grid…couldn’t leave you without some stuff to shop for right?!!

*Multiple Personality Designs* has a holiday bikini three set pack in their midnight mania board. Pink and Green checkered shown below…

[my friend Jonn got a new ottoman and was nice enough to let me use it for pics…thank you cutie!]

***P.S. Style*** gave away this cute outfit as their December group gift

Malt just opened a new store at LeLook and has a dollarbie out to celebrate.

[photo taken in front of my Christmas tree from Weirdiculous which I love so much]

*Boom* gave away this group appreciation gift to members of the Vain group…

If you are part of the >Truth Hair< Subscribo then you received this adorable holiday gift. Comes in four shades…silver shown below.

you can still tp on over there and get your Truth hair today. Just hit subscribe and then history.

 [Skin shown in above two photos is the new group gift courtesy of Free Speerit. Called Fiona Gold Glow, isn’t it lovely? Ok its a few weeks old, but I haven’t blogged in awhile and I love this store!]

This gift is a bit older too but I adore it, {Torrify} has this adorable holiday lingerie set  in their shop for only 1L. Come with the candy cane for your mouth too…


50 Flats is one of my favorite stores for shoes and they have a random Christmas vendor at the shoe fair. 45L per try and I got this cute set…

and this one too, I couldn’t help myself!

Tis the season for the return of the Santa lucky chair, and you can find one over at GL Designs packed with cute holiday outfits… [yes I know it wasn’t my intial but I needed a pic for this post, =) ]

ohh if you are looking for gifts for the holiday season, DYN Clothing is an awesome store to check out for guys and girls! Plus all the items are transferable, which makes great gifts!

There are tons of awesome blogs out there that I read regularly and that you can use to find awesome deals.

For holiday shopping and hunts galore … Freebie Finds in a Pixelated Universe is a must!

For awesome deals… FabFree in Second Life

Men I didn’t forget about you…. FREE Finds for Men

I love, love, LOVE her photos… SL Good Deals

Ding’s photos are amazing as well…. My Second Life on the Dlist

This blog rocks… Baking Cupcakes

Before I leave a few thank you’s….

Thank you to all the designers who put their time and effort into creating in SL. You all are so very generous and you don’t hear thank you enough! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I truly appreciate it!

Thank you to my friends who always agreed to model with me and didn’t mind me adjusting angles and poses!

And thank you to all of you for logging in and reading my silly little blog. Thanks for letting me into your world for a short while…

If you would like to reach me you can shoot me an IM in world or at caitlainbaby@yahoo.com

P.S. I will try and update this over the weekend with some furniture and guys deals… so check back k? Just wanted to get it up there…..

as always Happy Shopping!

Peace out cub scouts!

Love Cait


Hi Readers!

Happy Saturday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Little note: I will be gone for about a week or so. Going on a trip in RL to ….ITALY! yay, I’m so excited! See you when I get back.

[take your own gondola ride over at the Venice Passion sim]

Now onto the deals….

[Cynful] has a new dollarbie out for November

G&N Quality Design has a new dollarbie out as well

[pose used above is Cheryl_02 from [S.Loves] and is 1L for a short time]

Truth is having a hair sale! Yay, I love, love, LOVE this store!! All retirement styles have been marked down. Individual colors are only 25L with fatpacks setting you back only 200L!

There are tons of styles to choose  from and guys even some styles for you!

Speaking of you guys *::Maden Couture::* has two dollarbies at their shop for guys. One is this cool tshirt

and the other is this smexy jacket. Only 1L each at the front desk, in gift bags!

::EmJay:: Design Mainstore has a new item in the lucky chair, this cute, cute purse!

=) Happy Shopping!

❤ Cait

Hi Readers!

A little slew of home goods….

Pocket Gardens gave away one of their absolutely adorable little gardens as a recent DSN gift. If you haven’t joined the network, here is one very cute reason why you should!

Best part if you join the subscribo you can get this adorable little garden for FREE! yay for group gifts!

[AV] Vlodovic has this cute heart chair with 5 poses for only 10L at their shop. Red and Black pictured below but also comes in a pink version!

Head on over to Jazzy’s Home Furnishings for some really cool deals…Pick up this cute patio set for only 1L


and this cute fall wreath as well


=) Happy Shopping!

❤ Cait

Hi Readers!

Here are some of the latest group gifts from round the grid….

[Insatiable Fashions] gave away a cool group gift to its members. Jeans, tank and tube top included!

Davi Designs gave away this cool back tat as their DSN gift

Miel gave away this adorable socks to its group members

***P.S. Style*** gave away this smexy purple dress as their November group gift

Thank you to all the designers for being so very generous to their customers!!!

=) Happy Shopping!

❤ Cait

Hi Readers!

Get your hands ready to slap some boards…

.:Relentless Couture:.  has this smexy outfit in their board…350 slaps needed

*aikane* has watches in their board for men

and women

SD Wears has this cute outift in their board

PS Pets has this adorable animated puppy in their board…

=) Happy Slapping!

❤ Cait

In NY, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in NY. These streets will make you feel brand new. The lights will inspire you. Let’s hear it for NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!!

and the Yankees win, and the Yankees win, aaaannnnddd the Yankees win! Had to guys. I’m sorry but if you have been wondering why this blog has been slacking a bit it’s because I’m majorly obsessed with the post season!

and yes I ❤ the Yankees! Off to the parade tomorrow! yay!

❤ Cait


Hi Readers!

Happy Hump Day!

D&L Ballroom has this pretty ballgown for FREE at their shop

Prism Haute Couture has this dollarbie outfit in their shop

Camp for 60 minutes over at the VOLT Mainstore to get this tintable corset and pasties for FREE!


[I slipped a sheer tank on as well, just for photo purposes]

Men you can win this cool bracelet over at the lucky chairs at *aikane*

[AV] Vlodovic has a new dollarbie in their shop, this cute leotard with leg warmers!

Yesss Designs has this sexy little dress for 1L in their shop

=) Happy Shopping!

❤ Cait

Hi Readers!

Here to tell you bout an awesome new concept going round the grid that I just got wind of. NO clue where I have been that I missed it…

25L Tuesdays! yay!


Here is the deal every Tuesday stores across the grid will put out certain items marked down to 25L till midnight SL time.

To find out which stores are participating each week simply click the sign and subscribe and it will send you a notice each week! You can find the sign over at .::Tyranny Designs::., which is a participating vendor this week.

Here are the others:

Yellow Rose Designs and Just Pillows

Wild Talender Mainstore

BTB Slavewear

Smashin Fashion

Forgotten Earth Design Mainstore

Enchilada Outfitters Mainstore




Thank you to all the designers for participating!

=) Happy Shopping!

❤ Cait






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